The International Opera Academy SACRA was established in 1994 and was the logical development of the pedagogical activity of Alexandrina Milcheva, as well as the necessity to concentrate this activity in an institution.
The goals of the Academy include the technical and vocal elaboration of opera singers, as well as the education of young vocal talents.

The uniqueness of the academy is based on the uniqueness of the pedagogical methods of Alexandrina Milcheva. It has its roots in the long-lasting and international career as one of the leading opera stars on all major stages of the world, but also in the partnership with notable colleagues, but most of all in her high professionalism. The teaching methods of the SACRA Academy are not to be found in books or theoretical analysis and studies, nor are they thaught in any musical school or academy. They are the fruit of a high musical culture, proven professionalism, and a complete devotion to the art of singing.

Through the years graduates from many contries have started their vocal careers. Among them are young singers from Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, the Chech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, Italy, Japan, Brazil, and many others. Many of them have achieved recognition and make career on major international opera stages.

The International Opera Academy SACRA has two formats:

The Summer Academy is held annualy in the sea town of Balchik, Bulgaria. Each summer the Academy conducts two master-classes - in the months of July and August. Each class has a duration of three weeks. They are very limited in regard of the admission of students - maximum 10, since Mme Milcheva works with everyone of them every day. The SACRA Academy  does not accept passive students. Upon the completion of each master-class, the graduates performs in a concert either in Balchik, or Varna. These concerts are usually radio broadcasted.

The Winter Academy is held in the private studio of Alexandrina Milcheva in Sofia. The classes are individual and are organized according to the student's needs and qualification. The duration of the individual classes is  between three weeks and six months. Classes are held daily, except for the weekends.